KYKLOS 4.0 Pilots will be divided into two main categories. Four pilots related to the Smart Manufacturing (SM) Framework and four pilots related to the Circular Manufacturing (CM) Processes for Energy Efficiency and Waste Management (Re-use).

SM Pilot Use Case 1: Medical Pilot

Custom and Smart Wheelchair Systems (PROMEDCARE Facilities – Italy)

We aim to apply the envisaged solutions for developing a new methodology and approach to design, produce and deliver the next generation of Customized Wheelchair integrating system with postural device. Wheelchairs specifically designed for an individual, with his/her specific needs in mind, by a fully automatized process, reducing the production/design time and reiteration/fine tuning of the final product.

SM Pilot Use Case 2: Aerospace Pilot 1

Additive Manufacturing Technology for Aerospace – Aircraft Part Customization Systems (KANFIT Facilities & GRC Facilities – Israel)

Aerospace sector is increasingly turning to Additive Manufacturing technology for aerospace prototypes and series production parts which can be used for testing or as final production components, as it designs parts to make the most of the technology’s benefits. KYKLOS 4.0 will provide the framework for both needs to be implemented, increasing significantly efficiency in both activities.

SM Pilot Use Case 3: Aerospace Pilot 2

Jet Engine Manufacturing & Maintenance (GRC Facilities – Israel)

GRC use case aims to validate KYKLOS 4.0 ecosystem on manufacturing customised jet engine parts, in-process Additive Manufacturing monitoring and diagnosis of failures within the manufacturing process. Regarding diagnostics, GRC use case will both validate KYKLOS 4.0 machine / artefact diagnostics, using KYKLOS 4.0 Cyber Physical System and automated inspection through IRT and other automated inspection methods.

SM Pilot Use Case 4: Electronic Devices/Equipment Pilot

Electrical Equipment Manufacturers (VESTEL Facilities – Turkey)

The features of KYKLOS 4.0 ecosystem will also be evaluated through a pilot demonstration on VESTEL’s shop floor. an electronic devices production line. The proposed solution will focus mainly on the following two applications:

  • Reconfigurable Product: Personalised products for elderly & disabled people (special needs for hearing and vision accommodations). KYKLOS 4.0 Manufacturing lines will be flexible enough to manufacture these products seamlessly in their daily operation.
  • Reusable Parts: Part of products could be used for future production or services after end of their initial service life.

CM Pilot Use Case 1: Heavy Equipment Industry

Process Equipment Manufacturing Industry (GRIRO Facilities – Romania)

A Trouble – Cause – Solution can be performed based on information gathered during the normal manufacturing operations. The main physical characteristics that are tracked are:

  • temperature of electrical motors
  • flows and temperatures in the hydraulic units
  • current (amperage) requirements of the main drive
  • noise and/or vibration levels, especially of roller bearings
  • accuracy deviation in machining/ processing

In order to ensure maximum productive time with a minimum downtime, GRIRO’s machines and equipment are periodically inspected and carefully serviced. By using KYKLOS 4.0 framework materials and spare part consumption is expected to decrease significantly.

CM Pilot Use Case 2: Shipyard Pilot

Product Service solutions in Shipyards (ASTANDER Facilities – Spain)

The main goal for this use case is to identify possible overlapping areas in the concept of Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance, which are applicable in crane operation. The pilot case intends to use an advanced Cyber Physical System approach utilizing technologies to develop customer-centric Product-Service solutions, which increase sustainability. With the help of new service-oriented business models (product-service systems), the pilot case intends to demonstrate how a heavy material oriented industry branch like shipyards can shift towards the Circular economy concept and offer sustainable Product/Performance as a service and thus allow for circular approaches within the complete value chain.

CM Pilot Use Case 3: Food Industry Pilot

Reduction of Energy Consumption and Waste Management (PINDOS Cooperative Facilities – Greece)

Core activities of PINDOS Cooperative are the production and packaging of raw and processed meat products. The proposed pilot aims to establish efficient methodologies for meat processing waste management, promote novel technologies to reduce agri-food wastes along the whole food value chain and to propose techniques for reducing the energy consumption through the digitization of the current infrastructure.

The objectives of this pilot are:

  • Low-cost and sustainable management of waste flow streams generated, promoting circular bio-economy;
  • Environmentally sustainable solutions by reducing the energy consumption of shop floors through the optimization of existing fault detection and maintenance processes;
  • Development of DSS system to suggest the optimum processing path according to the consistency of the waste stream supporting the customized valorisation model increasing the production capacity.

CM Pilot Use Case 4: Automotive Pilot

Addressing the critical components of each piece in automotive industry (DIGRO SA Facilities – Italy)

DIAD Group is a fast-growing company in the sector of advanced technologies for automotive and aeronautic sector. Modern practice is to repair or replace components driven by a combination of preventive and predictive maintenance activities. Pre-authorized repairs or refurbishments may be certified in order to be agreed in advance with the customer.

KYKLOS 4.0 Ecosystem will use sensing data to optimize the overall maintenance schedule as it will come to programme scope and service product intervals as well as to support the planning and budgeting of retrofits, overhauls, modernizations or outright replacements when needed.

More information about KYKLOS 4.0 Use Cases is available on the “IoT Catalogue“.