Open Calls

Submit your innovative project concept for funding!

Funding will be provided to projects led by small consortia (third parties) and targeting innovative concepts. Each project is expected to define their own project objectives while adhering to the larger objectives and vision of the KYKLOS4.0 project.

KYKLOS 4.0 will support the third parties’ activities along the project duration, including those related to project management, product/ service development, tests and demonstrators, business development/ internationalization activities.

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KYKLOS 4.0 – 1st open call

Opening Date

Closing Date

April 2021

June 2021

Short Description

Target Participants

The first open call will select entities from across Europe to implement highly innovative projects using KYKLOS 4.0 research infrastructures. Applicants will be provided technical and business services to develop a minimum viable product, build up a commercial product/ service and present these to an audience of corporates and private investors.

Selected projects will run for a period of six months, which will be divided in three stages: planning, implementation, and dissemination and exploitation.

Projects will receive up to €150,000, with each third party receiving a maximum of €60,000. All projects will
sign a sub‐grantee agreement with the KYKLOS 4.0 project.

SMEs and industrial entities that are eligible to EC funding under the rules of H2020.

Applicants should be consortia of 2-3 entities, consisting of an industrial partner (where the pilot will be implemented) and an SME technology integrator. An additional SME can participate to support technology adoption and impact creation.

2nd Open Call will launch in mid-2022.